Content page

On this page you can find all of your content, whether owned and curated content.

The module on the right allows you to organize and filter all of your content:

  • by status
  • by source
  • by campaign
  • by tag(s)

You have also access to a search engine.

For each piece of content, you can:

  • visualize it in Limber
  • view it in a new page
  • share it directly on your different outgoing channels

Adding new content

Limber allows you to simply add new content, according to their source:

  • RSS feed (incoming channel)
  • URL
  • PDF file

Add a new RSS feed (incoming channel)

Just click on the feed icon and enter the URL of your content source, or a RSS feed. For example: (URL) (RSS Feed)

Limber will then automatically identify the different RSS feeds from your source, and ask you if your are the owner of the source or not (curation). You can also change the name of the feed that you are going to save.

Moreover, in order to add content sources such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Slideshare, WordPress, Blogger or Vimeo, simply insert the account name, and the platform does the rest.

Add new content item

You can also add individual content item like:

  • a URL (eg
  • a PDF file

Share content

To see how to share content, visit the Shares page in “Creating new shares” section.