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A leaderboard allows you to value your employee ambassadors on a daily basis in your Employee Advocacy approach!

What is a leaderboard in Limber?

A leaderboard in Limber allows you to rank the users of your platform according to their performance. It also allows your collaborators to challenge and motivate each other to publish.

Gamification Leaderboard
Leaderboard overview on Limber

A configurable scoring

As you can see, the leaderboard of your Limber platform allows you to follow the performance of your employees in real time and to value the most involved with the help of a scoring system ready to be configured according to your wishes.

Formula for calculating the Leaderboard score

1. Les expressions arithmétiques

The score is calculated for each user using an arithmetic expression that ranges from a simple addition of the statistics (clicks, shares and engagements) generated by the user to more complex formulas.

Arithmetic expressions are formed from the arithmetic operators: the additive operators (“+” for addition and “-” for subtraction) and the multiplicative operators (“*” for multiplication and “/” for division).

Example of a formula including all these arithmetic operators:
(${nbrOfClicks}*10 – ${nbrOfShares}) + ${nbrOfCommitments} / 100

Example of a more common expression with additive and multiplicative operators:
${nbrOfClicks}3 + ${nbrOfShares}4 + ${nbrOfCommitments}*3

2. The variables

The variables “${nbrOfClicks}”, “${nbrOfShares}” and “${nbrOfCommitments}” represent the statistics of each user.


Total number of clicks generated by each share made by the contributor.


Cumulative number of shares performed by the employee.


This variable corresponds to the total number of “engagements” generated by the employee’s shares via his/her channels.

The engagements are different depending on the type of social network:

  • Twitter: includes likes and retweets from all account types.
  • LinkedIn: includes likes from shares on company pages only.
  • Facebook: includes likes and comments from shares via personal accounts and company pages.
  • Instagram: includes likes and views.

💡 Click on the icon (?) to display the dictionary of variables you can use.

Leaderboard variables
Dictionary of variables of the score formula

Case study

In an Employee Advocacy approach, employees all have a different audience on their social networks. Therefore, in order to establish a competition that is as fair as possible between each one, it is advisable to value their activity on the platform rather than the results obtained by the visibility of their shares.

In this context, the number of shares should be overweighted against the number of clicks and engagements. Thus, our formula could look like this:

${nbrOfClicks}*2 + ${nbrOfShares}*4 + ${nbrOfEngagements}*2

Using this formula, we assign a coefficient of 4 to the Share action against a coefficient of 2 for the Clicks and Engagements generated.

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