Profile picture

There are 3 cases :

  • Your profile picture comes from the Gravatar account which is linked to you email address.
  • If there is not picture linked on Gravatar, Limber will display your initials on a colored background.
  • You can add by yourself the profile picture that you want. Limber automatically retrieves the profile pictures you have on channels that you added on your platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …).

Don’t forget to save your changes once they have been made.

To create your Gravatar (or update your photo), go to Make sure you create your account with the same email address as your Limber account and upload your photo.

Your information/details

You can update :

  • your first and last name
  • your phone numbers
  • your position and your company department
  • your address (usually the company’s address: headquarter or office)

The information will be retrieved and used on your Gmail Signature if your company has this feature. The person in charge of your platform will be able to create a Gmail Signature template that he will apply to all or any employees of his choice. The informations of your profile will then be used to fill in this signature. They can also be used in the Call-to-Action Biography.

To update this information, click on the icon to the right of the header “Your information”.

Profile - Limber

It is important to note that you cannot update your email address. If you need to use a different email address – for example to receive your weekly reports – please contact Limber’s support at [email protected].

You can also

  • choose to display Limber interface in another language (French or English)
  • define the time zone of your location: all dates are displayed and calculated from this information. You can change your time zone at any time without changing the broadcast time of your scheduled shares.

The second part of your informations consists of your biography and your social networks. This will be important for the realization of your Call-to-Action Biography.

Biography & Social Networks - Limber

Don’t forget to save your changes once they have been made.

Informations about your licences

The information table shows the different usage quotas corresponding to your subscription level and your consumption. For more information about different subscription levels, please contact our sales department at [email protected].