Rules & validation Workflows

Rules and approval workflows allow you to implement a validation procedure with multiple users and multiple levels of validation.

This feature makes it possible to implement in a company a validation process requiring the approval of several people or entities such as:

  • The Community Manager creates a share on the Twitter account of the President of the company
  • The share must be validated by the Head of Communications
  • Then it requires validation from the Legal Department represented by a group of lawyers who can each validate in parallel the fact that the content of the Tweet does not present any legal risk
  • Finally, if the share has gone through prior validations it is submitted to the approval of the President

Approval workflows

An approval workflow is used to define approvers and subsequent approval levels.

Apply an approval workflow to an outgoing channel

A rule makes it possible to associate an outgoing channel (ex: a Twitter account) with a previously defined workflow.


  • If you create several rules for the same outgoing channel, only the latest rule will apply. The rule previously defined for the channel will not be effective.
  • If you modify a rule or workflow, the new definition will apply:
    • for newly created shares
    • for previously existing shares that are modified after the new rule or workflow definition comes into effect

Strict approval

If strict approval is enabled in the channel’s control panel, all the shares posted on this channel will be subject to the validation rule, including those created by the channel owner or delegates with “no moderation required” delegation.