How to add a YouTube channel as a content feeds?

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Easily add a YouTube content feeds directly from your Content page.

How to add a YouTube channel as a content feeds?

1. Get the “RSS” link of the YouTube channel

First of all, go to the YouTube channel you want to add to your content feed list on Limber.

  • Right click on the channel page > Click on “View page source code”.
  • Search for the RSS link using the command “Ctrl + F” or “Cmd + F” > Search for the word “rssURL” :
RSS link YouTube Limber
  • The word “rssURL” is highlighted in the dialogue box.
  • All you have to do is select the URL link beginning with “….” enclosed in quotation marks after the word “rssURL” and copy it using the right mouse button:
Lien flux RSS YouTube

2. Add the content feeds

Once you have retrieved your RSS link, you can now add it to your Limber platform from the Content > Content Feeds page and click on “Add a content feed”.

Ajouter flux Limber
  • From the 1st “URL” icon, paste the RSS link you previously copied.
  • Then click on “Search for feeds”:
Ajout flux Limber
  • Your YouTube channel appears in the result and you can now click on “Add” to add it to your list of content feeds:
Limber YouTube

Do you own the copyright to the content of this feed?

By default, the copyright box is checked “Yes”. If you do not own the copyright for this channel, please remember to uncheck the box.

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