How is the potential audience for my shares calculated?

The potential audience corresponds to the sum of the 1st level contacts of the LinkedIN accounts, the followers of the Twitter accounts and the subscribers of the Facebook and LinkedIN pages that are included within the scenarios.

How is the audience calculation for LinkedIN accounts presented?

Limber automatically displays the potential audience you can reach with your shares.

It is possible, however, that the potential audience is not displayed. In this case you simply need to reconnect your LinkedIN channel.

If certain channels were actually delegated to you, you can do the same thing by simply asking the person that delegated its channel to you to «reconnect» the particular channel for the account in question.

How does audience calculation for a scenario actually work?

The cumulative audience of pages and accounts

In the case of a scenario, each share has an audience. That’s why Limber bases its calculation for the cumulative audience on the number of shares that are present within the specific scenario.

The first share will reach up to 599 people while the second share will reach up to 1,078 people. In total, the scenario will thus potentially influence 1,677 people.

Please be aware of the following
If you were to share the same content 2X via the same channel, the potential audience will not be doubled.