How do mentions work in LinkedIn shares?

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Mention people and Company Pages in your LinkedIn shares directly while editing your content.


There are 2 groups of people that can be mentioned:

  • Personal LinkedIn accounts already connected as outgoing channels to the Limber platform.
  • Anyone or Pages who interacted with posts shared on your LinkedIn Company Page via Limber.

How to mention an account or a page?

👉 You must first be in Edit mode in the content you want to share:

👉 Then, insert the @ caracter followed by the person’s last name or company page’s name as it appears in their profile link on LinkedIn.

Be careful not to add a space between the first name and the last name. Prefer the hyphen “-” which generally replaces spaces between multiple-names or first name+last name searches. Example:

👉 Results that match your mention appear in a list and you can then select the person or page of your choice.

👉 When you have selected the person or page of your choice, your mention will appear in blue to indicate that it has been correctly linked:

Well done! Your mention is now present. Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done and then share your post.

The person you want to mention does not appear?

As explained above, you can only mention people who have already connected their LinkedIn accounts to the Limber platform and all people who have interacted on LinkedIn posts, initially shared via Limber.

If you want to mention a person who does not appear in the list, here are 2 solutions:

  • Invite him/her to connect his/her LinkedIn account on the Limber platform (accessible to everyone).
  • Once your post has been shared via Limber, mention him/her directly on the post. This will generate an interaction that will save its name for future mentions.

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