How to create a multi-image post via Limber?

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The multi-image format (often mistakenly called “carousel”) allows to have several visuals (photos and/or videos depending on the context) within the same publication.

👉 From the Limber dashboard or the Shares view, click on “Create shares” > “Without related content”:

Share without related content

👉 Select the outgoing channel(s) of your choice, then optionally a campaign if you have a Platform license:

Shares Limber

👉 In the share editor panel, click on the photo icon to add up to 9 images to your compatible outgoing channels (Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin account & page):

Add image to Limber publication

Your multi-image post is ready! 🤩 Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done and then share your post.

The images you have added will appear below your publication as a mosaic with a main image (larger than the others).

Depending on the type of social network, when the user clicks on the main image, a directional arrow will appear to scroll through the images in the order they were added.

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