How do I reach a target group with shares on my LinkedIn page?

Shares on LinkedIN pages have additional options to target a specific audience based on the following 4 criteria:

  • Location (country, region or even city)
  • Position (job)
  • Business sector
  • Language

How to display the interface of targeting options?

When you make one or more shares on a LinkedIN page, a «target» icon appears in the header of each share next to the channel name.

By clicking on this «target» icon, the following interface opens and you enter the below options:

  • Location : United States of America
  • Language : English
  • Position (Job) : product manager
  • Business Sector : marketing & advertising

Please be aware of the following!

The audience that you obtained with the targeting parameters is displayed once the criteria is set. However, the target audience has to comprise at least 300 contacts so that you can validate the operation.