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Have you just installed the Limber application in your MS Teams interface and can’t wait to get started with the platform and all of its features?

We explain you how to use Limber easily from MS Teams 👇.

Use Limber from MS Teams

Depending on whether this is your very first connection to the platform or not, the interface presented and its steps will be different:

3 steps during your first connexion on Limber

1. Connect your channels

The first step is to connect your social networks (known as “Channels”) to Limber in just a few clicks:

Canaux Limber
  • Select the social network you want to connect.
  • A new window opens for you to connect your account.
  • After connecting your account, you will get a confirmation message telling you that you can close the page and return to your Teams application.
  • Back on the Teams application, the application invites you to refresh your page.
  • After clicking “Refresh”, your channel will appear.

You now have the possibility to add a second channel or to go to the next step.

2. Complete your profile

Profil Limber

You can now complete your profile by entering your preference of display language, time zone and also the possibility of completing the remaining information on an optional basis.

3. Download the Limber app

As the message that appears in the next step says: Congratulations, your Limber account is now set up!

All you have to do now is download the Limber mobile application to use it easily and at any time.

When you finish, click on “Finish the configuration” in order to have access to the different tabs and features that we will now describe it to you.

Principal tab “Chat”

Chat Limber Teams

The first tab when opening the Limber app is the “Chat” tab. In this window you will find two types of notifications depending on your type of license:

  • Approving shares: Ambassadors are notified in MS Teams chat whenever they need to approve a share (post, like, comment) on their channels (i.e. Linkedin) that has been submitted by a Publisher and/or Admin. They can approve, modify or reject it with a single click directly from the chat message (see screenshot below).
  • Daily or weekly summary: all users are alerted about the content available to them and ready to be shared!
Notification approbation action
Exemple d’une notification de validation de partage en tant qu’Ambassadeur depuis l’application Limber dans Teams

Share in a few clicks from “Application”

Application Limber Teams

It is in the Application tab that you can explore all the features of the Limber platform. Let’s discover them all together :

➡ Content Walls

Murs Limber Teams

As a Platform or Publisher, you will find in the Content Walls page all of your personal content or content that comes from your curation and your monitoring via the feeds that you have indexed.

If you have an Ambassador or Advocate license, you will find all the content available to you and ready to be shared. You can also suggest content to your community.

  1. Access all the content walls: by selecting one wall at a time or all of your walls at the same time by selecting “All walls”.
  2. Share or realize actions in one click, directly from the content wall!
    Check our documentation about Shares to learn more about how to share content on one of your channels.
Mur contenus Limber Teams
Exemple d’un contenu depuis un Mur de Contenus via l’application Limber dans Teams

➡ Contents

Contenus Limber Teams

You will only access this page if you have a Platform or Publisher license.

This is where you will find all of your content, whether it is content that belongs to you or third-party content (curation).

The Content page shows two tabs: “Content Feeds” (from added RSS feeds, etc.) and “Added Contents” (a URL link, a PDF, an image, a video, an article).

Share from the Content tab

Find out here about how to share content on one of your channels.

➡ Campaigns

Campagnes Limber Teams

On the Campaign page, you can view and modify all the campaigns created, their statistics and create new ones.

(Page only visible for Platform or Publisher licenses).

➡ Shares

Partages Limber Teams

From the Shares page, you can see all the shares created with the possibility of filtering your shares according to several criteria: by status, by distribution channel or by keyword.

You will also be able to consult and/or modify the elements configured during this set up :

  • The date and time of sharing
  • Its outgoing channel
  • The message as well as the attached content
  • The campaign to which the share is attached
  • A “Modify” button, allowing you to modify the share as long as it is not published.
  • A “More” button, allowing you to perform other actions such as pausing or deleting the share.
Modifier partage Limber Teams
Exemple d’une modification d’un partage depuis l’application Limber dans Teams

➡ Channels

On the Channels page, find all the incoming and outgoing channels that you have previously added and shared. Here you can add new channels, delegate them, edit them and delete them (depending on your license type).

➡ Profile

From the Profile page, access and update your information if necessary, such as:

  • Your profile picture
  • Your first and last name
  • Your favorite interface language
  • Your time zone
  • Etc…

F.A.Q Limber

Check out our F.A.Q where many technical questions about our features are listed by category.

Haven’t downloaded the Limber app for MS Teams yet? Find all the information about it here.
If the Limber app is not present in your MS Teams, we invite you to contact your internal IT support.

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