Share content on Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool developed by Google that allows business owners to provide information that can be displayed on a Google search page, such as business hours, address, phone number, news and media.

Publish an article on Google My Business

The service allows business owners to post updates or promotions. For each news post, it is possible to add a description, a photo or a video as well as a link. It is this last function that Limber allows to connect in order to manage GMB posts as Limber shares.

Connection a Google My Business location as an outgoing channel

If you have a Google My Business account, you can manage multiple locations in different cities. In Limber, you’ll need to add each of these locations as a Google My Business channel.

To do this, go to the Outgoing Channels page of your Limber application, then add the desired locations as on the screens below:

1. Click on the Google My Business icon
2. Connect your Google account
3. Validate the authorizations
4. Select the locations you want to connect
5. Your channel is now configured

Commonly encountered problems

My location cannot be connected

Sometimes Google will not allow you to connect to certain locations. In this case you will see the locations listed in the interface, but a message will appear saying “This location is not authorized to connect to Limber”.

This could be a temporary problem connecting to the Google My Business API, the interface allowing Limber to connect on your behalf to Google My Business. It can also be a limitation imposed by Google that prevents you from using a third-party application such as Limber. This is particularly the case if your GMB account has not been validated or when your Google My Business user account is administrator of more than 10 locations or if another administrator of your page is himself administrator of more than 10 locations .

In that case :

  • Try to connect your Google Account again by performing the initial procedure again. We recommend that you try several times with a delay of several minutes between trials.
  • If you’re still unable to sign in, verify that your Google My Business business is verified and if not, follow your business’s verification process.
  • If your location is validated and you still cannot connect, you will need to contact the Google My Business support team so that they authorize your location to use the Google My Business API in order to allow you to post from a third-party application.

My articles disappear after a while

The posts you make on Google My Business will not be displayed permanently. In general, they will no longer be visible after a few weeks. This is why we recommend using the sharing scheduling features in Limber to prevent your page from being empty of posts!