Semantic Engine

Extend the lifespan of content by republishing your shares with the integrated semantic engine.

Semantic Engine

Reuse Over and Over Again

Within your scenarios, benefit from the power of the Limber semantic engine. Reuse content for several collaborators, a number of different times. You will be able to formulate the post differently for each sharing carried out.

Prolong the lifespan of your content thanks to regular re-publication, that is always different. Vary the publications according to your desires of the moment, the period of the year or the events that you have organized.

Generate and Vary

Avoid the echo chamber effect when automatically re-sharing corporate publications. Your employees become real players in their professional networks. They develop their personal branding and assume the role of an expert for their audience.

Generate more opportunities by mastering your Salespeople's pitches. On social networks as well as within email signatures, choose the wording and information to be used.

Semantic Engine

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