Customized Onboarding

Add your collaborators and easily configure their platform for maximum efficiency.

Customized Onboarding

Add With One Click

Add all of your employees who wish to participate in your company's communication and its influence on the internet. Fill out a form to add a set of information on the profile of your new collaborators-ambassadors and facilitate their onboarding.

Allow them to actively participate in your company's communication strategy in just a few clicks. Allow them to share high value-added content following a quick onboarding on your platform.

Multiply Your Audience

Thanks to personalized onboarding, allow them to register on your platform in a few seconds. Offer them the possibility to add their social network accounts so that they can share all the content you provide directly across their social media profiles.

Increase your audience and the people you reach with your content. Automatically share high-value content on your employees' social accounts and drive traffic to your website to create new business opportunities.

Customized Onboarding

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