Subscription Management

Manage your employees' subscriptions to the chosen content walls in just a few clicks.

Subscription Management

Identify Subscriptions

Discover, in a few clicks, what your employees' interests are and offer them customized content. Adapt your sharing and communications to your company's different departments in order to correctly target their audiences and generate the maximum number of opportunities.

Analyze, at a glance, all your employees' subscriptions to the content walls you have created. Adapt to them and propose that they subscribe to new content walls that could correspond to them.

Tailor-Made Content

Find the content that corresponds the best to what they are looking for and allow them to improve their personal branding and highlight their expertise across their social media accounts. A knowledge of the themes that interest your employees will allow you to offer them customized content.

To multiply the opportunities on social networks, it is important to offer your employees content that corresponds perfectly to them. Thanks to subscriptions to content walls, you can better understand your employees and their interests.

Subscription Management

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